For Inquiries, Please Call: 763-208-0975

nurse checking the elder woman's blood pressureHome Care Nursing offers:

  • Rehabilitative Care
  • Respiratory Care
  • Post Surgery Care
  • Trachea Care
  • Ostomy Care
  • Catheter Care
  • Vital Signs Monitoring
  • Wound Care
  • Tube Feeding
  • Diabetic Training
  • Incontinence Management
  • Infusion Therapy
  • Vitamin B12 Administration
  • Insulin Administration
  • Pain and Symptom Management
  • Treatments and Injections including New Drugs
  • Charting
  • Routine Health History Checks
  • Hygiene Assistance
  • Maintaining IV Medication
  • Assuring Proper Nutrition Intake
  • Evaluation of Emotional and Physical State
  • Simple Wound Care (cleaning injury, applying bandagesā€¦)
  • Annotating Daily Vital Signs (respiration, weight, temperatureā€¦)

Please call 763-208-0975 to inquire further about our Home Care Nursing services. You may also schedule an assessment online for us to discuss your situation.