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We will accompany you or your aging loved ones at home, making you feel loved and well cared for.

In their advanced years, aging individuals long for companionship from others. However, more often than not, their family members or friends may have to go to work or live their own lives. They will not be able to accompany their seniors all the time.

Bell Medical Services offers companionship to our clients that include:
smiling caregiver and elderly woman

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sewing
  • Reading & Writing
  • Birthday Reminders
  • Going on Walks
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Discussion on News and Current Events
  • Renting and Watching Movies
  • Planning Daily Activities and Appointments
  • Vacation/ Family Visitation Planning
  • Heart to Heart Conversations
  • Playing Cards and Other Indoor Games

Give us a call at 763-208-0975 to request for our care. You may also schedule your appointment online.